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As both a seven times certified lash artist and licensed esthetician, I am 100% dedicated to continuing education. There are always new techniques to learn and new products to explore.  Here are the lash application techniques that I currently offer, but don't stress about picking 'the right one'. Your lashes will always be customized to you and based on what your natural lashes can healthily support! We'll have a detailed consultation at the beginning of your appointment and decide together which set is be best for you.

Lash Lift + Tint

$125    1hr 15min


Natural lashes curled & darkened.


Perfect for those with long and full lashes. This will give you a naturally boosted look with minimal maintenance every 6-8 weeks.  

classic eyelash extensions

Classic Full Set

$245    2hr 30min

One extension per natural eyelash.


Great for those with medium to full natural lash lines that want a natural or everyday glam look!  

hybrid eyelash extensions

Textured Full Set

$295   3hrs

A textured look that combines classic and volume extensions.


The best of both worlds!  The length of classic with the added fullness of volume lashes.  Also, best suited to those with medium to full natural lash lines.

volume eyelash extensions

Volume Full Set

$295   3hrs

Up to four ultra-fine extensions per natural lash.


If you have sparse or fine natural lashes: This one's for you!

Also, wonderful for clients with full lash lines that want a more glamorous/dramatic look.  With this advanced technique, we're able to create the look of a fuller and darker lash line while sparing your natural lashes the excess weight.

mega volume eyelash extensions

Mega Volume Full Set

$350    3hrs 30min

Five to Fifteen extensions per natural lash.

If you have sparse or fine natural lashes, or just want that super glam L.A. look...Mega Volume is what you're looking for.  

Eyelash extension fill

Touch Ups -within 3 weeks

Classic $135  Textured $155  Volume $155  Mega Volume $175

1hr 30min-2hr


Applying extensions to new natural lash growth. 

*Available to current clients that have visited within three weeks and have  50% of their extensions remaining and in good condition.

***New Clients with extensions from another lash artist:


Please book a new client touch up, a full set w/ a complementary removal, or contact us directly to book a complementary 15 min in-person consultation.  Due to varying lashing techniques and maintenance guidelines, it may or may not be possible to apply extensions around your existing work.  During our consultation we can determine whether your lash goals will be best achieved with a full set, a touch up, or something in between!  

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye w

New Client Touch Up

Classic $160  Textured $180  Volume $180  Mega $200

2 hr 30min


For clients new to Morgan Noelle Lash Studio that have had their extensions touched up by another lash artist in the past three weeks.  A good rule of thumb is this: If you're happy with your current extensions, book a new client touch up.  If you're unhappy with your current extensions, book a removal and full set! 


***Please note: If you have less than 50% of your extensions remaining or your extensions have not been applied properly, a touch up will NOT be possible and a full set will be required.

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