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Bridal Lash Guide

Eyelash extensions can be a fabulous addition to your big day.  Just think:  


You can totally cry while reciting your vows, because there won't be any mascara running down your face.  

You're also free to dance the night away without worrying that your strip lash will fly off your eye and land in your new mother-in-law's champagne glass!  


To make sure you have the very best lash experience:


1.  Please schedule your initial full set at least 2-2.5 weeks out, and a fill 2-4 days before the ceremony.  This allows us to be sure that you are not allergic (Something you don't want to find out the week of your wedding!), and also gives us the opportunity to make any style changes needed to ensure that you have the look you desire.


2.  If you're not used to wearing makeup or are going for more glam than usual, then I recommend coming in for your initial set 4-4.5 weeks before your wedding and scheduling 2 fills before the big day.  This way, we can start out very natural and gradually increase the intensity of your lashes until we reach the level of glam that feels comfortable for you!

3.  Bring clear pictures from your makeup trial.  A close up of your eyes, both open and closed, and one of your entire face with eyes open.  Eyelash extensions are infinitely customizable, and we want to be sure to style them in a way that enhances the look you've chosen for that special moment!

Ready to make your wedding even more amazing?  Book today!

Image by Chalo Garcia
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