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Welcome to the Lash Life...








Eyelash extensions are magical. That's my favorite way to describe them. MAGICAL.  We put so much effort into trying to define our eyes with makeup. It's amazing how much time and confidence you get back when you wake up in the morning with your eyes already done! You'll look more awake, polished, and it'll be so much easier for you to get ready for your day.  Here's how it works:


You'll come in and get comfy with some blankets and then you have some options for the next couple of hours-

Nap it out


Listen to an awesome podcast or two


Chill to the tunes of your choice


Bring your headphones and make some progress with that audiobook that you've been trying to finish

Then, before you know it...TA DA!! Fabulous lashes are yours for the next few weeks! Actually, let's be honest...Eyelash extensions are addictive. Fabulous lashes are probably yours forever!

Welcome to the Lash Life.







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